Curvy Road & George Kiebala

Membership Usage Program by Curvy Road – George Kiebala

Unique week and weekend exotic car driving experiences

Much less expensive than exotic car rental — without the hassles of traditional ownership

As a member of Exotic Car Share you can enjoy a week or weekend of the World’s hottest exotic cars. Members have access to the entire Collection including Ferrari, Viper, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Mustang Mach 1, and more. All are just a phone call or click away for members, so join today!


Curvy Road – George Kiebala

Ferrari Rental Chicago is an expanding business concept brought to you by George Kiebala, that today is available through many different types of programs nationwide. Everything from Ferrari membership clubs to fractional ownership of Ferrari’s offered different ways to drive Ferrari’s without the costs and hassles of full ownership.