Curvy Road Featured in Northwestern Interview

Check out our latest Youtube video featuring an interview with Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism’s Aubrey Pringle sit down with CEO George Kiebala.

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Rare Alfa Romeo Spotting!

Just spotted a rare, one of five hundred made, 2010 Alfa Romeo 8C! What a gorgeous car, with only 35 taking shipment to the US. It has a 4.7L V8 producing 444 horse power doing 0-60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds. In 2011 Evo Magazine rated it the best sounding car. Unfortunately we don’t have an exhaust note recording, but check out this link for a short clip!

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Hot Rod Power Tour

On Sunday, June 7th, Curvy Road visited the Hot Rod Power Tour in Lake Zurich, Illinois.